Project Name Project Description Project Website Address (URL)
Airplane Launch Competition Use science to make a champion paper airplane!
We will conduct a workshop allowing kids to use the power of the scientific process to create a paper airplane they believe will beat all others in a controlled launch competition.  Winners get a prize!
Animindz We are the online digital arts workshop for students ages 8 – 17
Build-a-Blinkie “This is where you get to build one of those LED flashing things,” returning makers Dwayne and Dale introduce their traveling workshop. You start with the kit, and use the tools provided in the maker area. If you’ve always wanted to learn to solder, this is the place to go! When you are done, you will have a working blinkie. The entire process only takes about 20 minutes, depending on your skill level! Blinkie Techs will be on hand to help you debug any problems. (Children are encouraged to build their parent’s blinkie, but the parent has to stick around and learn about the process.)
buildOn Trek for Knowledge Show and Tell through photos and stories about building schools in other countries
Godzilla Games Pretend your Godzilla and put together these large puzzle pieces to form a cube. Try your hand at Giant Jenga!!! Make your own puzzle or game from wooden puzzle cubes!!! Hands on fun for all ages!
3D Modeling and 3D Printer Come try your hand and eyes at creating an object in Inventor 3D modeling and then print it out on a 3D printer! Great activity for those interested in things 3D!
SeaPerch Underwater ROV’s Ever wanted to drive a submarine? Know anything about buoyancy? Come try out some underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) in the Schurz Pool and try your skills at driving the ROV through obstacles and completing challenges. Learn how to put one together yourself!
Up-Ride Bicycle to elliptical conversion kit
Analytics Lounge
Come see what microscopic worlds look like, up close and personal. Learn about water ecology and see what goes on inside of worlds that are too small to see with the naked eye. This is a hands-on exhibit that invites all folks to tour some of Chicago’s rivers and ponds from a very new angle.

Micro Safari is brought to you by Analytics Lounge NFP. We’re a non-profit with a focus on analytical science, specialized manufacturing, and STE(A)M opportunities.
inbox3d MK-X The latest version of our large format, mobile 3D printers that are made in Chicago
Rad Robots Students from Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School after-school program will teach other peers, participants of any age, and whomever is willing to learn how to build a VEX robot that will run through an obstacle course and will record the amount of time it takes to complete the obstacle course. The participant visiting the exhibit booth will build a small robot and then learn the basics of block coding on a program called EasyC. After participants learning the basics of coding, student mentors will show them how to program the cortex or computer to allow a remote to control motors on a robot. Participants will then test run their code on the robot through the course challenge and see how they perform. Participants will earn a small prize for trying and making it through the course challenge.
Leonardo’s Workshop: Waters Elementary Maker Camp Students in grades 3-5 will showcase recent Maker Camp projects and activities including wooden marble runs, circuit designs, Maker Villages, drawing robots, Sphero chariots and conductive art forms. Students will demonstrate the process of Design Thinking in an elementary setting and have hands-on activities to share with guests.
Classic Character Toy Show A fun display of familiar character toys from the best of cartoon, action figures, Disney, Cartoon Network and more to see as a family attraction. It includes hands on fun activities and photo opp. Example – Pop eye, Superman, Hulk Spiderman, Disney princess, Cat in The Hat, Muppets exc. The toys are not for sell but for public display and family fun. None
The Art of Real DJing We would like to show everyone the roots of how the art of real DJing began and how it can still be applied in today’s music. Unfortunately today, that art has somewhat died. Only a small majority of the DJs today, still focus on keeping that art alive. We will provide both old school equipment (turntable), and a more recent beginner piece of equipment (MIDI controller) to show the main difference between the two and also show the very big similarities. The point is to educate this new wave of aspiring DJs that, the “old” type of DJing can still be learned and applied using newer technology. A couple things that visitors will mainly learn will be to scratch on both vinyl records and digital players, along with learning some cool ways to mix music.
PipeCleaner Magic Learn to create magical objects from a multitude of pipe cleaner colors that will dazzle your family and friends. Great hands on activity for the young and old!
Bridge Building Bam-Up! Do you enjoy building things and then destroying them? Then here is your opportunity to build your own bridge out of craft sticks and then test it out to see how much weight it holds.
Wheel of Make Spin our Wheel of Make and see which make and take activity you can do. Options include circuitry, robotics, building, motorizing your creations… and more.
Bit Space Inter-Act Cube Bit Space is Chicagoland’s premiere youth-only maker lab. We will be exhibiting a one-of-a-kind, hands-on, interactive experience that combines physical construction, electronics, and virtual reality gaming.
Wire wrapped jewelry Join YOUmedia and Maker Lab staff from Chicago Public Library to make your very own wire wrapped jewelry! Anyone can become a jeweler with this quick, fun, wrapping technique.
Cardboard Switching As we have presented with North Side Mini Maker Faire and many previous other Maker Faires, we invite participants to shape cardboard into a personally meaningful model and then use Scratch and Makey Makeys to program that sculpture to make sound or movement. Check out for video of the dozens of times we’ve presented this! This year, in collaboration with our international partner project Youth in Motion with Hamburg, Germany’s Mut Theatre, students from this project will be facilitating with us and one of our cardboard examples will include our expertly crafted 4′ spinning cardboard globe!
South Side Hackerspace: Chicago We will have projects (interactive and non interactive) that our members have built on display, as well as members on hand to field questions about the projects and our space.
Pumping Station: One Pumping Station: One is the oldest and finest hackerspace in Chicago. We’re going to be bringing our hackerspace to the Maker Faire. With over 400 individual members, what we’ll be showing there will only be a small fraction of our community, but we’re going to squeeze as much into our allotted space as possible.

We’re going to be showing off member projects, with the people who made them there to talk about how they made them, and we’ll probably have a few interactive activities as well, like the noise-o-tron electronics kit.

We’re also working on getting some workshops back at the hackerspace setup for the weeks following the Maker Faire that visitors to our booth will be able to sign up for.
spinners and fidgets Join in the craze! Come create or test out how a spinner works. Or, create your own fidget!
Digital to Physical with Dynamism This booth will allow students and makers to 3D scan themselves and friends! Once the scan is complete, we will show the makers the basic 3D slicing workflow on the Ultimaker 3 or Z-Morph 2.0 Multi-tool printer! We will also bring cool projects along with lessons plans that educators can use to integrate 3D technology into their classroom.
MetaMedia | Young Maker Showcase MetaMedia is digital media lab and makerspace designed exclusively for middle-school youth at the McGaw YMCA in Evanston, IL. Our booth will give some of our students an opportunity to showcase their work and connect with other members of the making community.
Build Your Own Chicago Build Your Own Chicago is a series of postcards featuring tiny papercraft models of architectural landmarks. You can mail the postcard, then cut it apart to make a miniature scale model of a famous Chicago building.
Animation Then and Now – Columbia After-School Clubs at Schurz Create animation on paper or digitally! Learn about the history of animation, and how it works. Draw a simple animation sequence and see it move in a Zoetrope. Try using animation apps on an iPad. Try out Animatron on a computer.
“Calligraphy” Means “Beautiful Writing” I will display, create, and give away bookmarks customized with the name of each participant. I can also have paper and pens with an opportunity for visitors to try their hand at the art of Calligraphy. None
Silent Cinema Students of Schurz High School will be screening their silent movies filmed with Super 8mm film.
5th Star Makerspace Buttons, Vinyl Stickers, Paper folios, and T-shirts
Chicago Minecraft Club We will show some collaborative Minecraft worlds and opportunities for kids to build worlds together.
Animal Care We will be working on informing individuals about the proper care of specific animals.
TOOOL Teaching non destructive lock manipulation
evezor Robotic arm
Polished with beauty and Brushed to perfection Nail Art using household objects such as Cotton balls, tooth picks, straws ect.
Lorca Makes Digital Games Students from Lorca Elementary can show and tell about our digital game making. We use Stencyl software for creating games, and a Wacom tablet with GIMP software for creating custom artwork.
NHS Ice Cream and Slime Maker your own ice cream and slime w/ common household products.
learn how to make anime music video we will teach people how to make awesome amv’s. We would show you how to make a music video with free video editor programs from your favorite anime show. we would dhow you how to edit and insert music and combine it with anime to make a amv.
Origami Everyday Learn how to make different origami figures.
Make Miku Miku Dance Use software to Animate Hatsune Miku, a fictional Japanese singer
HOW TO LOL Learn to play the Massive Multiplayer Online game League of Legends.
Workshop 88 Showing some projects we’ve been working on at our makerspace.
Digital Media Green Screen Come take a picture with our green screen backdrop!
Sketchbook Making Participants in our Sketchbook Making workshop will have the opportunity to a custom made sketchbook from scratch !
ChiBots presents Robots! Robots! Robots! Ornaments with aerial and succulent miniplants, bird houses, canvas and vintage art.

If you can’t read the tables below, here is a direct link to the List of 2017 Makers (Google Docs)