Project Name Project Description
Build-a-Blinkie  Build-a-Blinkie is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the teaching of STEM.   You start with the kit, and use the tools provided in the maker area. If you’ve always wanted to learn to solder, this is the place to go!  When you are done, you will have a working blinkie.
Pumping Station: One Hackerspace bringing various projects to show off.
In Theory Racing A few people that pretend to know what we’re doing, by building go-karts from scratch.
Rizzo Racing We are a 2 car racing team that is part of the Power Racing Series
LVL1 Hackerspace DMV; Power Racing Series Bumblebee Transformers Powerwheels Electric Go-kart; for Power Racing Series
Cartastrophe Road Rash, Electrical Fires, Kids Toys, and Racing
Phantom Power Racing Phantom ICT vehicle. Bolt together aluminum frame. Custom motor controller. Belt drive. Alternators as motors. Music Plays faster as car drives faster.
Three Bears Circuit House Mama Bear wants to know if Goldilocks comes back. Sneak into the Three Bears’ house and step on the floor to trigger lights on an electric map made with LEGO and LEDs. Mama Bear always knows where you are!
South Side Hackerspace We are a hackerspace, doing hackerspace things.
Exotic Builds We love teaching kids and adults about basic husbandry in uncommon animals we build naturalistic enclosures and for high humidity needing animals like Dart frogs,Green Tree pythons and chameleons we bring a little piece of rain forest to you
The Write Stuff Try your hand at a bit of calligraphy, or paint your own illuminated letter. A professional calligrapher will be on hand to answer questions, and to craft a unique bookmark for each visitor.
It’s Lit: A non-intimidating introduction to electronic wearables Visitors to our table at the Northside Mini Maker Faire will learn to make a simple  felt light-up wearable. Student visitors will leave our table with wearable of their own design, and they will be confident, happy, and feeling good about attempting tougher projects in this area. Teacher visitors will leave with a functioning wearable and the experience of making it, along with lesson plans on how to link the wearables activity to science standards, and how to increase its challenge level for more advanced students. Visitors will also be able to meet students who have successfully made wearables. They will also be able to view an array of impressive student work created by freshmen high school students from Senn High School.
Schools Say Enough 291 schools across the country have suffered horrific gun violence since 2012, the year of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. 7,000 kids have been gunned down. More than 187,000 students have been traumatized. Enough is enough.

Chicago students aim to move the needle on gun violence with grassroots public art installations of torn orange fabric, paper note tags, yarn, and chalk. The project simply asks school communities to write the names of all 291 schools on their sidewalks, separated by bullets. This weekend, the happening takes root at Chicago’s Northside Maker Faire at Schurz High School.

GCE Laboratory School students launched the piece on 3/14 in Washington Square Park, aka Bughouse Square, ground zero to Chicago’s radical free-speech movement. Despite internal disagreement, the park’s advisory council allowed the installation to remain without a permit for a month, but when a pro-gun group petitioned to set up a counter-protest, the council voted to pull it down. The morning of the scheduled Earth Day Spring Clean-up on 4/21, council member Jeffrey Sydel woke before dawn to save the fabric. Organizers reinstalled the project at Nettelhorst Elementary School, whereupon community members instantly rewrote all 291 schools on the sidewalk.

Chicago Public Library Join Teen Services, YOUmedia, and Maker Lab staff from Chicago Public Library to test out our laser cut stamps or make a custom button. You can learn all about our digital media spaces for teens and adults while you craft the afternoon away!
Chicago’s homeless we are trying to do a funraiser for homeless people. We will try to make baskets or bracelets. the baskets are going to be for a wish basket and the bracelets are going to be for selling. With that money We will use it to buy metarials to make a sandwich and give them to the homeless people.
Ceral In our project we will be talking to people about how skaters are being treated in certain conditions, and we will show them how to assemble a skateboard.
Cultural Tatoos Learn about different cultures and the tatoos associated with those cultures! Tatoos are not about gangs; they have been around since the ICE AGE! So, learn about tatoos and create your own designs. We can help and we can tatoo you with henna! Let’s have fun!
Anti-Animal Euthanasia   We will be spreading awareness about animal euthanasia and will have hands on activities such as making bracelets and flowers. These bracelets and flowers could be sold and used for donations to animal shelters in need.
scholars without dollars We are three high school freshman who want to aware others of hygiene female problems for the homeless. Many people donate to homeless shelters but don’t donate what most females need which is menstruational supplies. We are trying to aware others of this need and having more people donate those items.
Make Your Own Ice Cream Create and make ice cream
Slime Make slime
SeaPerch Underwater ROV’s Ever wanted to drive a submarine? Know anything about buoyancy? Come try out some underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) in the Schurz Pool and try your skills at driving the ROV through obstacles and completing challenges. Learn how to put one together yourself!
Godzilla Games Pretend your Godzilla and put together these large puzzle pieces to form a cube. Try your hand at Giant Jenga!!! Make your own puzzle or game from wooden puzzle cubes!!! Hands on fun for all ages!
 Makey Makey and More! This is a world of electronics.  Come try out your hand in using Makey Makey software  and hardware and create your own  set of conductive materials to make music, play games and learn about the world of electricity!
3D Printing and Modeling Come learn how to create 3D objects using Inventor software and possibly get a chance to print out your own keychain!
DIY hovercraft What happens when you give high school students access to power tools and building materials? They build stuff. this one person hovercraft is built by students and has a distance of however the power cord reaches. Possibility of others riding the hovercraft.
Cyberdogz presentation After this years stellar performance of the cyberdogz at the frc regional we are ready to show off our robot. We would love to let others get up close and personal with team 4702 construction. We want to demonstrate its cability as well as its programming.
Robots are Rad Students from Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School after-school program will teach other peers, participants of any age, and whomever is willing to learn how to build a VEX robot that will run through an obstacle course and will record the amount of time it takes to complete the obstacle course.  The participant visiting the exhibit booth will build a small robot and then learn the basics of block coding on a program called EasyC.  After participants learning the basics of coding, student mentors will show them how to program the cortex or computer to allow a remote to control motors on a robot.  Participants will then test run their code on the robot through the course challenge and see how they perform.  Participants will earn a small prize for trying and making it through the course challenge.
Growing plants to grow students Due to a generous donation from ohare Schurz high school recieved many grow towers that can be used to grow plants inside. By working with the chemistry team and science department we have worked to establish a real world aspect to the classroom, what better way to do that food? We want to get these towers in as many teachers classrooms as possible and this is the demonstration for if this would be possible.
VR Gaming This booth will showcase Virtual reality gaming in an interactive section of play
Bangtan Slime our project will showcase the process of making  different types of slime and how to maken sensory bottles
Amv/edit/gmv maker We will show people how to make cool music videos.
Animation101 Drawing and animation
After School Makes ! Students from the after school maker space program will showcase and tell about their experience coming in on weekends to work on their own creative passions.
Schurz HS School Store Custom buttons and vinyl sticker/magnets created by participants to take-away
FACADE FILM what we’ve made here is a film that I’ve made, written the script and directed with the help of my fellow maker spacers they have helped m made the props and also audio in the following film
Sewin’ Oatis Make a mini hedgehog by sewing and stuffing cloth
Create and Design: 3D Doodler and Bloxels Exhibit Attendees will be able to create 3D objects using a 3D Doodle Pen as well as their very own video game using Bloxels.
Explore Robots Come see how the basics of Robots work and then get to try out some Robots!
3D printing 3D printing
Mixing Music I will be showing people how to mashup songs using a digital application, edjing Mix.
Upcycling 101 This booth will display my environmental science students’ upcycling projects: DIY planters, jewelry made of old straws, decorated mirrors and flowers made of spoons, pencil cases made of old cans and cardboard, etc…The goal of the project was to show that with a little creativity, useful things can be made out of things you might be throwing away. When people come to our booth, they will have the opportunity to learn how to make a pencil box out of recycled cardboard or jewelry out of old straws. For set up of our booth, we will just need access to an outlet to plug in a hot glue gun.
Be PROUD of who you are! The GSA will have people write down one or more self-compliments or something they are proud of themselves for on colored post it notes that will be used to make a rainbow. This will encourage positive thinking and self-esteem.
Pipe Cleaner Madness See demonstrated and learn how to make your own pipe cleaner creations!
Potatoe Chip Making Machine Place a raw potato in on one side and chips come out the other side ready to eat.  The chips are then flavored to your taste buds. Sea Salt, BBQ, No Salt are a few examples of the flavors. The machine slices the potato then lets them ride on a lazy river of hot oil driven by a paddle wheel.  The final cooking is done on the opposite side with a conveyor placing the chips below the surface.  When cooked the chips are carried out of the Hot oil lazy river by another conveyor to the discharge Bowl. You can eat them from the right from bowl. Hot Fresh Chips!
Lane Tech Students Present Students from Lane Tech’s maker community.
Lane Tech Internet of Things Door Buzzer I used a Raspberry Pi and an old Android phone to upgrade an outdated door buzzer system so that a user can remotely unlock the door using their phone.
The Raspberry Pi IoT door buzzer has two (2) main functionalities: to be able to “buzz” myself in to the main doors of my condo and to take a picture of who was at the door and text it to me.
Lane Tech – Interactive World Map This project is the modern version of putting pins on a map to show where you have travelled to. There are LEDs on a map and a button turns on/off different countries light. This project is a work in progress and might not be complete at the time of the maker fair.
Lane Tech – IoTea Kettle A kettle that can be enabled remotely using a Particle Photon. The kettle also provides push notifications when the water is done boiling and collects data on when water was boiled. I plan on adding Twitter functionality for display at the Faire.
Lane Tech Blind Opener A home automation that automates the opening of blinds within your home!
Lane Tech- IR sensor burglar alarm with relay An IR object detection sensor connected to a relay that can also be activated via Particle app
Lane Tech PCL – Smart lamp and radio alarm This is a device that turns on a lamp and radio independently via the internet using a particle photon.
Lane Tech Bluetooth Garage Door Opener It opens your garage door when a connected phone is in proximity and is also controllable from a website.
Lane Tech – Building a Zilog Z80 Based Computer from Scratch Building a Zilog Z80 Based Computer from Scratch starts with individual integrated circuits, a Zilog Z80 microprocessor, ROM, and RAM, and no code. Over the next few years the project will progress to conclude with a full system that resembles a computer of the 1980s, including I/O, a display, and an operating system. In the short future, and at the Maker Faire, the computer will be the fundamental core of the computer, and is simply waiting for the hardware expansion and further code to be written on top to expand its capabilities.
Roosevelt High School Game Design Club In partnership with Hexacago Game Design project, University of Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University, the Roosevelt High School Game Design Club will be showcasing student-created designs in boardgames and roleplaying games, promoting the joy of play and interactive learning experiences. Maker Faire friends will have the opportunity to join the fun and be part of live gameplay @ our booth!
Evezor Robotic arm, I will draw pictures and hopefully have gesture programming online by then
Program a Robotic Arm We will demonstrate how to program a robotic arm to do drawing and writing, laser engraving, 3D printing, suction and gripper. Also we will how to use Arduino to control the robotic arm.
Rescue Bears I recycle and repurpose mismatched socks into stuffed animals.
Bit Space Bit Space will be exhibiting a unique, hands-on exhibit showcasing the interactivity between our physical world and the digital world.
Believotronics Believotronics is a low-cost DIY open source robotics platform you can print and build at work or from home. Come by and see the 3D printed microscope robot you can build with a screwdriver.
Inbox3D Large format 3D printers built in Chicago by a Chicago startup
TOOOL Lockpick Village
fluid dynamics demo and Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge Fluid dynamics hands-on demonstrations. (Do not include this bit on the web site: we are in the process of building a fluidized sand box. If that fails, it will be ferrofluids. We may also have water beads for the really little children to play with). We also think that it would be nice to turn all the youth interested into a mini-maker by offering some friendly competition with a spaghetti tower marshmallow challenge, which we like because it uses creativity, trial and error, mathematical and design thinking, and an iterative approach, while challenging each individual at their own level. We hope that this leads to much tinkering, thinking, and laughter. (Do not include: happy to run the rules we are thinking about using by you and to take up any suggestions to make it a positive experience for all. We are thinking that we will make it an individual competition and not a team one. I don’t think we will allow grownups, not sure where we will draw the line, at 18 or 14. Probably no high schoolers)
Build Your Own Chicago Build Your Own Chicago is a series of postcards featuring tiny papercraft models of local architectural landmarks. You can mail the postcard, then cut it apart to make a miniature scale model of a famous Chicago building.
STEMS Need Flowers Create your own flower and help it grow with the use of a pulley system, engineered by YOU!
Illuminated Cards Participants learn circuit basics while they create a work of art with working LED lights! Participants use cardstock as a canvas to create a drawing and decide which parts of the drawing you’d like to be illuminated (like a cupcake with a candle on top, or a bike with a light on the handlebars!). Using a cell battery, conductive thread, and copper tape we create a circuit to power an LED bulb and attach it through the cardstock. Attach a binder clip as a switch, and you’ve got yourself a personalized, illuminated piece of artwork to keep or gift!
DiverseCity ChiConsulting We are part of a Student Based Enterprise showcasing how we learned to build websites for small businesses around Chicago.  The Student Based Enterprise is a component of the Lumity program, where we help prepare students for lifelong careers in STEM.
Tangicraft We are developing a physical and auditory interface with Minecraft. Users place tangible blocks in front of a webcam and use speech commands to manipulate objects in the virtual world.
The Maker Mom and STEM Kids Chicago and provide ideas, inspiration, and resources to help parents raise awesome STEM-loving, Maker-friendly kids.

I’m not sure if I’m going to bring a single activity or samples of activities we promote on our site. I’ll for sure bring a Moonball and some materials to make these because I very much doubt anyone else would do them.

What is it made of? An exploration of world around us and the elements it is made of. Explore what objects around us—including, rocks, coins, and jewelry—are made of using portable X-Ray Florescence! Participants are encouraged to bring objects to have them analyzed.
Tools, Not Trinkets: Making Student-designed Educational Models Use 3D printing and free software to create models to teach science!  We will show you how to get kids to design scientifically accurate models to use in the classroom!  BYOD!  Free models to be given away!
Accessories out of recycled bicycle parts! We have made everything from belts to earrings, keychains and bracelets sometimes wallets! We plan to make jewelry at the makers faire with tubes and links beads and wire!
MakeXchange Inventing with Electronics for Beginners With MakeXchange
E-Blox E-Blox are new, innovative electronic construction toys that enable kids and adults to build figures that light up with no wires. There are three different products we would be displaying and enabling the public to play with: E-Blox pARTS, E-Blox Circuit Builder and E-Blox Stories. E-Blox pARTS uses typical Lego size parts, some which are plated in tin and thus conductive, and some with LEDs that light up in them and a battery module to power the LEDs, which together enables the ability to build three dimensional electrical circuits that light up your figures with no wires. E-Blox Circuit Builder uses duplo size blocks with electrical components in them (e.g. resistors, capacitors, switches, LEDs, lamps, motors, etc.) and pin connection to enable you to build 3-dimensional circuits that light up, spin and fly fans and make music and space sounds, all with no wires or soldering. E-Blox Stories uses E-Blox pARTS to build characters and figures in a story as you ready the story, and uses QR links to provide education on topics related to the story. We would be demonstrating all three of these new products and allow the public to play with them in our booth at the show.
ChiBots Robots! Including a fantastic Marble Maze and the Robotic Search & Rescue. Special appearances by Nigel the Purple Dalek and R2D2 a possibility! The Marble maze allows the participant to control a maze to guide a metallic marble from the start to the finished. Once finished, the marble goes down a channel, up an elevator and back into the maze. The Search & Rescue exhibit simulates a building on fire with a baby trapped inside. The participant guides a robot while looking for the baby. Once found, the robot grabs the baby’s crib and takes it to safety.
Mirror me photo booth the mirror me photo booth will take selfie picture and video clips (HD), which can be email.