MoldsEvery wanted to learn about casting and molds? Learn all about them with Columbia Community Schools @ Schurz at the Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire!

We had a chance to catch up with Alex Younger, Site Coordinator  for Columbia Community Schools @ Schurz and Teaching Artist of the “Sculptures and Skins” class, to talk about the Columbia After School arts’ plan for the fair. They will be teaching people about about the wonderful world of casting. They will have 10-12 silicone molds of different body parts, like ears, lips, and noses and small non-body part objects. These food and body safe molds will be filled with hot wax that visitors can help pop out from the molds when the wax cools down. Visitors will learn what makes a good mold and can take home the little sculptures from the molds.

Younger aims to dispel the belief that casting and molding are expensive and inaccessible. She wants to show how molds can be a lot of fun and inexpensive; it’s something that people can do at home. 

Kelsey Virgous, a teaching artist with the program and Schurz HS Technology Coordinator, will also have a table for people to make their own comics. Kids in his class have drawn some comic scenes with empty speech bubbles that visitors can color and fill in the blanks.

Come on by to learn about molds and castings or make comics with Columbia Community Schools @ Schurz!