Think 3D printers are awesome? Then you should try out a 3D Printing Pen with Northwestern TIILT Lab  at CNS Maker Faire!

TILLT Lab is focused on making activities and makers. When they heard about the Faire, they were really excited about getting involved. They are thrilled to bringing 3D printing pens to the Faire.

Melissa Perez fromTILLT Lab explains that 3D printing pen is where “instead of ink you put in filament, or plastic you can melt down. The pen heats heats up the filament, and then you can draw with it. The filament holds the form you drew so you can draw stuff in 3D.” So imagine drawing an Eiffel Tower that is 3D!

People at the Faire will be able to play with 3D printing pens and be able to build anything they can dream of. The makers will also have stencils for people to see and practice. Perez, however, encourages to just “create. Do whatever comes to mind, be ready to explore, be open to things.” In the past, when TILLT Lab has showcased these pens, people have made the coolest things when they start asking “Can I do XYZ?” And then they go ahead and try it.

Not only is it fun to create 3D art pieces, but it’s a social activity.  Perez explains that people talk with each other and help each other out while working with the pens. Great work comes from collaborations.

Perez is super excited to see what people will create. We can’t wait to play with 3D printing pens ourselves!