Power WheelsWe are thrilled to announce that Pumping Station:  One will be bringing Power Wheels to Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire! Hold on to your hats because we’re going to see some amazing races!

We had a chance to speak with Andrew Camardella, president of PS: One, via email about their plans for the Faire and the organization. I asked Andrew if he could tell me what the mission of the organization and he told me: “PS: One is a member-run organization founded on the idea of allowing people to explore, share, and engage creative processes in a community setting.” When I asked him what he wanted people to know about the space, he said, “Pumping Station: One is really open to anyone that wants to be part of the community. Some are interested in exploring a new creative pursuit, others are starting small side businesses, and others are augmenting their current businesses with tools and expertise available here.”

PS: One will bringing the exciting Power Wheels for the faire. Andrew explained, “This year a group of PS:1 members are hosting the Power Racing Series along Waveland Ave. on the side of Schurz School. Power Racing is a race series for modified/diy electric electric cars, that typically start life as children’s electric ride-on toys. All cars must cost less than $500 and are limited to 1440W of power. One of the things that originally drew me to the racing series was that you get to work on every component of a car at a small scale. We get to take advantage of every aspect of PS:One while welding new frames, working with powerful motors, batteries, and electronics, designing steering linkages and mechanisms for racing, and creating custom themes to wow the crowd…Power racing is a wonderful showcase of what we can do—make things, foster community, and have fun.”

When I asked him what he wanted people to take away from Power Wheels, Andrew said, “You can ask us anything you want to know in person at our open house every Tuesday at 8PM!  And you don’t have to be a member to participate.  We have a lot of events that are open to the public.”

We can’t wait to see some riveting races on Waveland Avenue with Pumping Station: One! Make sure to get your tickets today!

Elisa Shoenberger is a writer and oral historian in Chicago. She has written for Ozy, the Billfold, LoveTV, Rebellious Magazine, the Reset, the City Creatures blog for the Center for Humans and Nature. She is the co-editor and co-founder of the Antelope Magazine. You can check out her blog Not Without Her Bowler Hat.