3D ModelWe are thrilled to have John Cabey of Lincoln Park High School presenting “Tools, not Trinkets” at  Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire.

I had a chance to chat with John Cabey via email. I asked him how he got interested in 3D printers and models. He said, “I did a couple of workshops with the Center of Biomolecular Modeling at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where they taught me to use molecular visualization software and 3D printing”. When asked what he wanted people to know about 3D printers he wrote, “I want people to see this as a way to create not just trinkets and knick-knacks, but actual instructional and laboratory tools that can both teach and develop 21st century skills.  I want to dispel the notion that this is just a fad or useless gadget that belongs only to the very nerdy or very wealthy.”

We talked a little bit about Chicago Northside Mini Maker Faire. He’ll be showcasing a variety of models including “small molecules, proteins, cell structures, and cell models.” For the Faire, he “plans to walk people through the process of using molecular visualization software to create beautiful, scientifically accurate models of small molecules, proteins, and cells.”

Make sure to check out John Cabey’s “Tools, not Trinkets” to learn more about 3D printing.

Elisa Shoenberger is a writer and oral historian in Chicago. She has written for Ozy, the Billfold, LoveTV, Rebellious Magazine, the Reset, the City Creatures blog for the Center for Humans and Nature. She is the co-editor and co-founder of the Antelope Magazine. You can check out her blog Not Without Her Bowler Hat.

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